Monday, March 23, 2015

Top 100 Songs From the 1990s (No. 73)

73. "Parallel Horizontal"
Artist: Marine Research
Year: 1999

For a few of reasons, 'Sounds From the Gulf Stream' is probably the least known album in Amelia Fletcher's impressive discography. The name Marine Research was used only for this one record. The band scrapped the well-known moniker Heavenly following the death of the band's drummer (and Amelia's brother), Mathew Fletcher. So, for fans, I think there has always been a certain feeling, a dark cloud, if you will, floating above this brief era.

Its lack of popularity can also be traced back to the demise of the legendary Sarah Records, the former home to Fletcher's previous bands. Although 'Sounds From the Gulf Stream' was released on K Records here in America (as Fletcher's albums always were), there wasn't a proper outlet for it in the UK.

I won't pretend this was Amelia's best moment, but through all of the personal turmoil, I still think 'Sounds From the Gulf Stream' was a good album, full of all the trademark jangle and catchy hooks we had come to expect, and the two singles, including the song featured here today, were top-notch tunes. The good news for me is with all of these changes in band names, I get to feature most of its members one more time on this countdown.


Scott said...

Never heard this before today Brian, probably due it's lack of release in Blighty. Good tune that stands up well next to her Heavenly and Talulah Gosh material. Instantly recognisable as Amelia once she starts singing.

Brian said...

Scott, I put her right up there with the greats. I must not be alone because she pops up as a guest on so many albums from other artists.