Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nice 'Pattern' From Paul Weller

Since we had a lively conversation about Paul Weller's solo work the other day, I wanted to make sure you hadn't missed the latest song up for streaming from 'Saturns Pattern,' his 12th solo album, which should be in our hands come May.

This, the title track, is the second song we have heard from the new one. Personally, I was a little worried when "White Sky" came out in February, but I really like "Saturns Pattern." When Weller said this was a 21st century album, after that first song I was thinking I wanted to be taken back to the 20th. Well, I got what I asked for, as the title track is a nice mix of the old and the new. Lots of '60s and '70s influences here. Weller told Uncut magazine he thinks this album is "one of the best things I've done." I'm not sure these two songs back up such a bold statement, but at least this latest song has me looking forward to hearing some new Weller again.


Scott said...

Quite a soulful number from The Modfather. Wasn't sure the first couple of listens but definitely a grower Brian. Hopefully the new album will be up to this kind of standard.

Brian said...

I think we are all hoping for the best, Scott.