Monday, October 27, 2014

Tune In Talulah Gosh

I spent a big chunk of the weekend pulling Peel Sessions from the collection, and it turned out to be such a pleasant way to celebrate John's life. So, let's keep it going this week with some of my favorites from the past few days. Here's Talulah Gosh, first broadcast on Peel's show Jan. 11, 1988. This was the band's second (and last) recording for BBC Radio 1. In fact, the band, at least in this form, wouldn't make it to the end of the year. Of course, three members of the band, Amelia, Mathew and Peter, along with earlier member Rob, regrouped in '89 as Heavenly. You can find this session in a few places, but I have taken it from 'Backwash,' the compilation K Records released in 1996. One thing you can say about Talulah Gosh: They never wore out a welcome. These five songs clock in at around eight meager minutes... but there are plenty of the band's patented pace changes to get your heart racing.

My World's Ending
Be Your Baby
Break Your Face
In Love For the Very First Time
Spearmint Head

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