Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Popguns on Peel

I will resist the urge to say the period around this Peel Session was the best time to be a fan of Popguns. If you picked up the "Lovejunky" 7" and are eagerly awaiting the upcoming full-length album 'Pop Fiction,' then you know right now is awfully exciting too. This is the first of two sessions the band did for Peel's program... both were in 1990. These four songs were broadcast in January, just a few weeks removed from their single "Landslide" appearing at No. 46 on Peel's Festive 50 for 1989. I suppose the band could have rested on their laurels by performing the hit or the follow-up single "Waiting For the Winter," but they were already looking ahead with a session of all new material. "Someone You Love" would be the lead single for Popguns' first album, 'Eugenie,' released later that year, and the other three songs wouldn't be committed to wax until the second album, 'Snog,' in 1991. Enjoy another fine moment from Peel's show.

Someone You Love
Bye Bye Baby
Put Me Through It
Where Do You Go?


Dirk said...

This is great stuff, but somehow I always come back to "Still A World Away" ... I must have said this before, I know, but to me this is one of the best records in the history of the whole world ever ... and Wendy, should you be reading this: I love you, I always did, just for this song!

Brian said...

Dirk, you're killing me. Part of that session Popguns did in the fall of '90, and I don't have it. Making me wish, now more than ever, that I did.

Pop Judge said...

Hi Dirk, I'll pass your kind comments onto Wendy ...

Dirk said...

Thanks, Simon, I'm sure she'll laugh her head off!!

But if she, or indeed you, should have a clue where to get hold of (a link to) your second Peel session, please let us know, okay?

george said...

This might surprise you Brian but I have Bye-bye baby on a peel CD somewhere, and quite possibly a few more too.

Brian said...

I know you have a plethora of Peel shows. So, perhaps you can help Dirk and myself. We are looking for the Popguns second Peel session, from September 1990. These were the four songs they performed:

Going Under
I'm Spoiling Everything
Those Other Things
A World Away (It's Grim Up North)

Dirk has been able to dig up A World Away since this post, but we still need the first three songs. If you have a moment, perhaps you can check your stash. Thanks, mate.

george said...

Brian, will do so