Monday, October 20, 2014

Jim Noir Approaches 'The Finnish Line'

When it comes to Jim Noir, my barometer is completely broken. I have no idea if the announcement of a new album is met with excitement by legions of loyal fans... or if it's me and one other guy... and that other guy is Noir's black-sheep uncle. I'm really hoping there are lots of us gearing up to get 'The Finnish Line,' out next month, and, in the meantime, you can get a free download of "The Broadway Jets" from the impending release.

Here in America, Noir's brand of psychedelic pop became a tough find when he and Barsuk Records parted ways after his second album came out in 2008, but I'm here to tell you the search for the more recent import 'Jimmy's Show,' as well as the slew of self-released Noir Club EPs, are worth the additional labor. I'm going to include a song from each of Noir's first two albums, as well as a video from his 2012 album to help you find your way. You may discover the sounds of a Brian Wilson or a Nilsson, but with the British sensibility of a Robyn Hitchcock in there, too.

Jim Noir - "Key of C" from 'Tower of Love' (2006)
Jim Noir - "Don't You Worry" from 'Jim Noir' (2008)


george said...

Hi Brian. that Jim Noir track Broadway Jets could be mistaken for Teenage Fanclub.

alvalmeida said...

Hi Brian,

Never heard him before. And I liked very much. So, thanks for the post.

Brian said...

Well done, George. I'll be stealing that sentiment the next time I post about Jim Noir.

Welcome. If you decide to start acquiring his work, I would start with Tower of Love. In fact, I would rank his albums in the order they were released. Perhaps The Finnish Line will break that streak.