Friday, October 31, 2014

Ooh, My Soul... It's a Little Richard Halloween

Maybe not the scariest post you'll see today, but both of these songs have a "stay away from my door" theme, and it's a good time to remind you to "jump back!" from those bad luck heeby-jeebies tonight 'cause if your bad luck baby puts the jinx on you, forget it, you can't get well. These two are from 1956 and 1957, respectively, and are filled with all the whoops and wails you need this Halloween, and some punch in the gut sax solos to boot. Heard that drum intro on "Keep A-Knockin'" before? Ask those limey Led Zeppeliners. They have a habit of nicking song openings. Anyway, as John Bonham used to say, be careful out there tonight. Huh? No way he ever said that. Happy Halloween everyone!

Keep A-Knockin'


george said...

Brian, is Little Richard the most exuberant singer and performer you've ever heard? I absolutely LOVE "you keep a knockin", I just can't sit still when ity's playing. Anyway, I've found one PopGuns song, no idea if it's a session or album track. send me an email and I'll give you a link for it.

Echorich said...

That is spot on!

Brian said...

George, I think Little Richard is such a treasure. I bought a Specialty Records singles collection in the late '80s and really got bitten by the bug. I think you mentioned Lucille the other day (wasn't it you?) at your place, and it got me thinking about the Lee Allen sax solo in that song... and that is what really brought me to this post today. So, thank you.

As for the matter of Popguns, I sent you an email from the address on your blog. I hope your search wasn't too time consuming... much appreciated. Perhaps I can send some Spandau Ballet or Thomas Dolby to return the favor. Ha!

Brian said...

Home from trick or treating already, Echorich?