Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vote for Best Comeback Album of 2013

Uh, maybe not. Here is a quickly compiled list of comeback albums for 2013. I defined "comeback" as a band that hadn't released a new studio album in (about) four years or more. I excluded film work. I let EPs slide so the Replacements and Pixies could be on the list. I know it feels like the Blow Monkeys and OMD had great comeback albums in 2013, but they don't pass my four-year rule. Johnny Marr was a tough call, but he calls 'The Messenger' his debut solo album. So, I left him off. I considered Paul McCartney because his last album was a different genre. Then I decided he probably didn't need my comeback accolades.

Apologies to my pal Ian for excluding the Stranglers, but 'Giants' technically came out in 2012. Speaking of 2012, I almost wish it was that year again so I could vote for Dexys' 'One Day I'm Going to Soar,' my favorite comeback album of the decade (so far).... Irrelevant, yes, but I state it whenever I can. If you don't see your album (remember, I threw this list together in haste), please vote "other" and give me your choice in the comments section. I'll tally them all up in a week and let you know the winner. Thanks for voting.

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donmar002 said...

Johnny Hates Jazz: Magnetized

Love it!

Brian said...

Sorry I didn't include that one, donmar002. I had no idea they had recorded again. Thanks for getting on the stump.

george said...

I will have to abstain from voting as I've not heard any of the above.

SteveJinSoCal said...

Saw 1, 2 and 3 (not to mention Bowie) and my heart sank... but scrolling through the list there's some diamonds in the rough :)

Saw Franz Ferdinand at the Fonda this year and they were back to their best. Also the Alison Moyet album - not her best material (IMHO) - but what a voice... but there's only one winner for me...

Uncle E said...

Oh, that's OK (regarding the Stranglers). For me it was between Primal Scream, Daft Punk and Prefab Sprout. Not telling who won, though...nyanya.:)

Echorich said...

1. Prefab Sprout - NO CONTEST!
2. David Bowie - if not for the genius of Paddy McA
3. Visage - Yes, VISAGE!
4. Kitchens Of Distinction - simply amazing
5. Adam Ant (still can't believe how much I like it)
6. Editors - a masterful return
7. Suede - second best of their career!
8. My Bloody Valentine - finally! Loveless bored me...
9. Crime And The City Solution
10. Camera Obscura - pop gems

Brian said...

Great list. How did I forget Camera Obscura? Funny thing is their new album is on my best of 2013 list. I didn't know about any new Crime & the City Solution, but that's half the fun for me. Checking it out right now.

Uncle E,
You can't fool me. As a regular reader of your blog I think I have a pretty good guess about your pick.

Uncle E said...

2013 was a terrific year overall, Brian, but Echorich is spot on, McAloon nailed it with Crimson/Red. No contest is right. And I only had to pay $14 (plus shipping), thanks to your advice!

Brian said...

In that case, Unc, I'm glad we didn't bet. I assumed you had not picked up 'Crimson/Red' one up yet. So happy you like it. That was my choice as well. I know you like the new Daft Punk quite a bit. That was my guess.