Saturday, December 14, 2013

Curtain Call: Simple Minds From 1985

I have just about everything through 'Sparkle in the Rain' (including a mess of of 12" singles), but this is the only piece of vinyl I own from Simple Minds beyond -- what can be best described as -- "The John Hughes Incident." I'm consoled by the fact I bought this one for a B-side that was recorded before "Don't You (Forget About Me)" saw the light of day.

This well done live version of "Up on the Boardwalk" was taken from a January 5, 1985 homecoming show at Glasgow's famous Barrowlands and appears on the 12" of "Alive & Kicking." I like knowing Jim Kerr and the lads, as well as their fans in the crowd that evening, have absolutely no idea what's about to happen to one of Scotland's greatest musical treasures. That bloody single from the soundtrack to 'The Breakfast Club' would be released six weeks after this show. So, enjoy one of Simple Minds' last unadulterated performances.

Simple Minds - Up on the Catwalk (Live Version)


Echorich said...

Great record! Catwalk is my favorite track from Sparkle In The Rain. Agreed, Simple Minds signing a contract with The Devil/John Hughes really put a wrench in things that would more than a decade to correct.
Thankfully for the past decade SM has been spot on and the most recent albums are killer.

george said...

This is really excellent. I think I saw them in the Caird Hall in Dundee at that time. It must have been 84 or 85. And it was a great gig. Thanks for the track.

Brian said...

Glad you liked it, George. I really enjoyed your Cult Classic over at JC's place.

Uncle E said...

I can stomach Sparkle IN The Rain, but just. I snarked off a little post a while back entitled "John Hughes, Soul Sucking Destroyer Of Dreams" a while back, not sure if you saw it

Your post reminded me of that, sorry for the interruption!

Brian said...

Hi Uncle E. I guess I must have missed that one, but it was quite a smile on this dreary Monday morning. I love your reader asking where Hughes was on Nov. 22, 1963. Pure genius.

I have a feeling I like Sparkle in the Rain more than you do.

Uncle E said...

Hey Brian. Oh, I like it fine (SITR); there's just no comparison, to my ears, to those first 5 albums. he difference between silver and gold.