Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Cup Runneth Over (Part 2)

I may live in Seattle now, but Chicago will always be first in my heart. Thank you, Blackhawks, for one of the most exciting Stanley Cups in memory. It was a pleasure committing to the Indian again.

Dick Marx Orchestra - Here Come the Hawks (mp3)


Uncle E said...

From a life long, suffering Maple Leafs fan...congrats! Well earned! At least one of those damn West Coast teams didn't win. Shouldn't be allowed to have a franchise in a town that never has snow!

Brian said...

Hey Uncle E. I thought the Leafs had a real chance to finally make some noise this year. The series with the Bruins was a heart breaker. Out of that came one of the best photos I have seen this year.


Click on the photos tab to see the real agony of defeat... poor gal.

Outside chance the Coyotes may move out of the desert and come here to Seattle. That would be pretty cool, but I would stick with the Hawks.

Uncle E said...

The Leafs have been flirting with the cup since, what, 1967, and always...always...come up short, especially in overtimes. I wish Wendell Clark would come back...sigh...