Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cover Me Impressed: 'I'll Be Your Mirror'

The Primitves' debut album 'Lovely' turns 25 this year. To celebrate, a two-disc reissue of the album comes out next week. Makes you feel a bit long in the tooth, eh? Well, then, let's skip ahead just enough to avoid epic anniversaries. In 1989, the Primitives followed up 'Lovely' with 'Pure' and preceded the release with the "Sick of It" single. The 12" had two B-sides, the Paul Court original "Noose" and this Lou Reed composition that appeared on the seminal 'The Velvet Underground & Nico' in 1967.

The vinyl edition of 'Pure' that I bought in 1989 didn't include either one of these B-sides, but I see by a quick check on Amazon that at some point they were added to the album. I have to admit that bums me out a little.

Court and Tracy Tracy must have quite an affinity for Nico. The Primitives covered "I'm Not Sayin'" -- the Gordon Lightfoot song that became her first single in 1965 -- on their excellent 2012 album 'Echoes & Rhymes.'

So, the following is taken from my rather scratchy "Sick of It" 12". Don't worry. The sound gets better after the first 20 seconds. One footnote: It's interesting that on the back cover it says these songs are from the forthcoming album 'Purity.' I guess the powers that be decided to go with 'Pure' in the 11th hour.

The Primitives - I'll Be Your Mirror (mp3)


Echorich said...

I am such a sucker for Tracy Tracy!! Echoes & Rhymes was one of my favorite albums of last year. I want more more more!! The latest single Lose The Reason is one of highlights of the year so far for me!!

Brian said...

I'm with you, Echorich. I imagine we will both be thinking of that one when it's list time come December.