Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Curtain Call: Nick Lowe From 1994

If I could have only one Nick Lowe album (what a nightmare!), I would choose 'Jesus of Cool.' Obvious pick. If I could have two, my next choice would be 'The Impossible Bird.' So, let's listen to a song from the 'Jesus of Cool' era that was recorded live while touring in support of 'The Impossible Bird.' The song was taken from a November 1994 show at the Sun Plaza in Tokyo. Lowe slows down the tempo a bit from the original, giving it a slightly blues feel. You can find it on the wonderful 'Live! On the Battlefield' EP.

Nick Lowe & the Impossible Birds - 36 Inches High (Live) (mp3)


Uncle E said...

I tell you what, you and I have some serious similar tastes when it comes to music! Love this album, though I would rate Impossible Bird #3, just behind Labour Of Lust and JOC.

Brian said...

I can't argue with your order, Uncle E. Sometimes I get carried away.

Uncle E said...

It switches for me all the time, too. I cannot, for example, choose an order for Elvis Costello, or Robyn Hitchcock, or The Kinks, to list just 3. Impossible for me to do, as my tastes just depend which album's in the stereo at the time, know what I mean?