Thursday, June 20, 2013

B-Side From the Bluebells

When one thinks of Elvis Costello as producer, his work with the Specials, Squeeze or even the Pogues would probably be the first to come to mind, but let's not forget the handful of songs he did with the Scottish jangle-pop band the Bluebells. Here's one you'll find on the flip side of the "Sugar Bridge (It Will Stand)" 12" from 1983. There are actually two Costello-produced songs on the record, the other is "Happy Birthday (Turn Gold)," and I think both are superior to the single. Incidentally, "Sugar Bridge" stalled at No. 72 on the UK chart.

I know of at least two other songs Costello produced for the band. "Aim in Life" is the B-side to the band's debut single, "Forevermore," from 1982. The other is "Will She Always Be Waiting" from the 1984 full-length album 'Sisters.' If I have missed any others, please let me know. I'm quite enamored with these lads. Like fellow Scotsmen Friends Again, the Bluebells came and went rather quickly, but they have left quite a mark on me. This recording is straight from my vinyl, but you can still find this song and many other gems on 'The Singles Collection.' That seems to be about all you'll find in print from these fellas. What a pity.

The Bluebells - Some Sweet Day (mp3)

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furrball said...

I'm STILL wondering how they were ever able to talk Mr. MacManus into producing Mental As Anything's "I Didn't Mean To Be Mean", myself :D