Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Comp From The Hit Parade

The works of C86 heroes the Hit Parade have been a very tough find, but I have been fairly successful tracking down the meat of the band's discography. I broke down and bought the band's first two albums from a fella in Japan. I'm too embarrassed to tell you how much I spent on that transaction. Then, in August, I found the 2006 album 'The Return of the Hit Parade,' as well as the band's Sarah 7" single of "In Gunnersbury Park." Still, there are holes on my shelf, including some recent singles I have never heard.

Some of those gaps will be filled on Monday when JSH releases 'Pick of the Pops (Vol. 1),' a 20-track compilation covering most (but not all) of the Hit Parade's singles and essential tracks. As best-of packages go, it's a strong collection (see below), and I don't think fans have much to complain about. "Forever" is the only blatant absence from the early years. Honestly, I don't think I have been this excited about a comp since the Close Lobsters released 'Forever, Until Victory!'

Here's one from 'The Return of the Hit Parade,' as well as a video promo for the new album backed by the opening song of 'Pick of the Pops (Vol. 1).' If you're wondering about all of the Japanese references, just know the Hit Parade are a big deal over there.

The Hit Parade - Sugar (mp3)

'Pick of the Pops (Volume 1)' Tracklisting
1. The First Time (1992)
2. You Didn't Love Me Then (1985)
3. The Boy Who Loves Brighter (2011)
4. In Gunnersbury Park (1991)
5. The Sun Shines in Gerrards Cross (1985)
6. In Your Arms (2003)
7. House of Sarah (1994)
8. The Queen of Mousehole (2006)
9. Heuvos Mexicana (1985)
10. On the Road to Beaconsfield (1994)
11. Sugar (2006)
12. Hitomi (1991)
13. My Favorite Girl (1984)
14. Hello Hanna Hello (1994)
15. I Like Bubblegum (2010)
16. As I Lay Dying (1994)
17. See You in Havana (1985)
18. Christmas Tears (1990)
19. My Stupid Band (2006)
20. Autobiography (1994)

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