Thursday, September 27, 2012

A 'Heavenly' Option

Since Talulah Gosh's "Talulah Gosh" was the subject of my last post, it's not too much of a leap that today's selection is Heavenly's "C Is the Heavenly Option." The song comes from the band's second full-length album (not including the Talulah Gosh material, obviously), and, if you don't include the bonus tracks on the reissue of the debut album, 'Heavenly vs. Satan,' I would say this is their best.

Beat Happening member and K Records founder Calvin Johnson is the male voice on the following song. Incidentally, 'Le Jardin' and Heavenly's other albums came out in America on his label. I did a little Internet surfing today and found a fair bit of criticism of this song from bloggers and the like, due mostly to Johnson. I'll respectfully disagree. No matter. Johnson would continue to make guest appearances on Heavenly's records. You can tell a good time was had by all in the studio.

Heavenly - C Is the Heavenly Option (mp3)

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