Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Song and LP Info From Vivian Girls

The news is out on the next full-length album by Vivian Girls. 'Share the Joy' will be shared with the world on April 12 via the band's new label, Polyvinyl. You can download a song from the LP below and pre-order the album here. "I Heard You Say" is a little less lo-fi and fuzzy than its predecessors, and just about every aspect of the production is more polished (but not too polished, if you know what I mean). If the rest of the record sounds like this, Vivian Girls will not be relegated to my "just missed" list of top albums for 2011... as they were back in 2009.

Vivian Girls - I Heard You Say (mp3)

'Share the Joy' Tracklist
1. The Other Girls
2. I Heard You Say
3. Dance (If You Wanna)
4. Lake House
5. Trying to Pretend
6. Sixteen Ways
7. Take It as It Comes
8. Vanishing of Time
9. Death
10. Light in Your Eyes

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