Monday, February 28, 2011

Cover Me Impressed: 'Too Many Teardrops'

Much like my post on "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out," this is cheating to call this one a cover. Both of the artists featured here are listed as the songwriters of "Too Many Teardrops." And let's not forget they were married at the time both of these versions were recorded, to boot. Carlene Carter was the first to lay down the track. It appeared on her very well done 1981 album 'Blue Nun.' Now, Carter is known as a country artist, to be sure, but there was this period in the early '80s when she released two albums with members of Rockpile, Cowboy Outfit and other well-known backers of her husband, Mr. Nick Lowe. He also acted as her producer. If you are a fan of Lowe and Rockpile and have not heard the 1980 album 'Musical Shapes' or 'Blue Nun,' seek them out. It will be right up your alley.

As for Lowe's version of "Too Many Teardrops," it appeared a year later on his 'Nick the Knife' album. Some of the personnel that show up on both albums include: Lowe, Carter, Bobby Irwin, James Eller, Billy Bremner, Martin Belmont and Paul Carrack. I'm a much bigger fan of Lowe, but I must admit I prefer the Carter version of this song. It has to do with pacing more than anything else. Lowe's version seems too restrained. I also prefer the background vocals of the Carter version. Weird, since Carter is the background singer on the Lowe version. I think my head just exploded. Anyway, both are keepers.

Carlene Carter - Too Many Teardrops (mp3)
Nick Lowe - Too Many Teardrops (mp3)

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