Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bryan Ferry and Old Pals Turn Back the Clock

There is only one new release this week that interests me (outside of 'Head'). The last decade or so, Bryan Ferry's output has been pretty sporadic. With the exception of some originals on 'Frantic' in 2002, he has been in crooner mode while interpreting the songs of others. I don't know about you, but I haven't found this the least bit interesting. Still, we are talking Bryan Ferry here. In my world, outside of David Bowie, he is the coolest artist on the planet. So, finally, today's release of 'Olympia' is something for an old Roxy Music fan like me to get excited about. Brian Eno, Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera make appearances here. It's the first time these fellas have been on a record together since 1973. Rhett Davies is producer. Davies was behind the controls of Ferry's 1985 album 'Boys and Girls.' That album and the followup, 'Bete Noire' from 1987, are his peak as a solo artist. If you don't have these two, run out to your local shop right now. Although I'm no fan of Kate Moss, it's nice to see a gal grace the album cover like the Roxy Music days. Check out the video for the first single, "You Can Dance." Can this guy really be 65 years old? Buy 'Olympia.'

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