Friday, November 19, 2010

New EP From Jim Noir

I have some catching up to do. Manchester's own Jim Noir released the four-song EP 'Melody Junction' as a free download from his Web site this past summer, and I completely missed it because that was during my move from Chicago to Seattle. I have a widget for that one down below (in case you're also tardy). Earlier this week the eccentric Noir released another EP. This one is a six-song affair you have to purchase, but he did give us one song, "Car," as a freebie. Download that tune below, and buy 'Zooper Dooper' here.

For the record, I consider Noir's first two albums must purchases. This is especially true of his 2005 debut, 'Tower of Love.' It's a brilliant piece of pop. It's a little bit lo-fi and, yet, there are times it seems complex and like something right out of the best of the Beach Boys' songbook. If you are asking yourself how that's possible, give "Turbulent Weather" a try. It was No. 30 on my list of the last decade's best tracks. I hate to single out this one song when so many others would fit the bill. Just pick up the album and put on "My Patch" or "Key of C." You won't be disappointed.

Jim Noir - Car (mp3)
Jim Noir - Turbulent Weather (mp3)

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Larissa said...

"Car" is my Swell Tune of the Day:
Sounds like Flight of the Conchords penning Lyrics for Strawberry Alarm Clock.