Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crenshaw Turns 57 and Goes Turntable

First off, happy birthday to Marshall Crenshaw. Turns out, however, we are the ones about to get a gift. When it comes to making new music, Crenshaw freely admits he has difficulty staying motivated. That's why he's had such long gaps between albums. So, he has self-imposed deadlines for his next project and -- woo-hoo! -- it's an all-vinyl venture. According to Holly Hughes of, Crenshaw will release six 7" singles over the next two years. I imagine a fair number of you gave up on Crenshaw sometime around 'Downtown.' As someone who has anxiously awaited for every one of his releases and has seen him on stage more than just about any artist, I obviously think those of you in that camp have made a big mistake. Here's an absolute pop gem from 1996 that I hope will bring you back into the fold.

Marshall Crenshaw - There and Back Again (mp3)

Pretty great, eh? Now go buy 'Miracle of Science' or his latest, 'Jaggedland.'

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