Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pleas to Jason Falkner Answered

A few weeks ago I made a plea to Jason Falkner to release his last two import albums in America. Since then, a couple of amazing things have happened. The first is that the 2007 record 'I'm OK, You're OK' finally has a domestic release date of Feb. 6, 2010. Now, I gather from reading posts from other Falkner fans that this is far from his best record, but even an average Falkner record is better than just about anything out there. For once, I'm glad I waited for the domestic release date. For those who did buy the Japanese import, you may be interested to know the domestic version will have a completely new version of "This Time" and a new mix of "The Knew".

As for Falkner's 2009 Japanese import, 'All Quiet on the Noise Floor', I got a wonderful birthday surprise from Mrs. Linear Tracking Lives! a couple of weeks ago when she shelled out big bucks for it. First, let me just state that by getting the Japanese import this all but assures there will be a domestic release date for this one any day now. That's just the way it always works for me. Second, there is no way Falkner fans will feel any disappointment like they did with 'I'm OK, You're OK'. This record is one of his best. I would rank it just behind his solo debut. Here is one of my favorites from the record. I'm only going to keep this song up for a few days... so hurry.

Jason Falkner - My Home Is Not A House (mp3)


troy said...

Thanks, Brian. I swore I wasn't going to overlisten to the songs until I could hear it on disc, and then Noise Mccartney took most of the streaming audio off its myspace page, and now I want to kill myself.

popguy68 said...

I'm Okay is as good as anything Jason has released. It's a grower but by no means inferior in songwriting quality in the least...I don't get that. All Quiet is also awesome..I don't think Jason is capable of putting out anything but top notch pop/art-rock!