Monday, November 9, 2009

Big Country Chronicles: 'Radio 1 Sessions'

Big Country stopped by BBC Radio 1 twice before their debut album, 'The Crossing', was released. Both of these sessions were chronicled on this eight-song CD that was first released in 1994. It went out of print soon after, and it was reissued with a slightly different cover in 1998. It's, sadly, out of print again, but there are many copies floating around on reseller pages like Amazon and eBay. I just saw it on one of these sites for $1.94.

The first four songs were recorded on Aug. 12, 1982, almost a year before 'The Crossing'. At the time, the band's first single, "Harvest Home", had already modestly charted in the UK (No. 91), but most listeners probably didn't know about Stuart Adamson's new band. It's interesting that of the other three songs performed that day, only one -- "Close Action" -- appeared on 'The Crossing'. "Heart & Soul" showed up as a B-side, and "Angle Park" didn't make it to wax until 1984 on the 'Wonderland' EP.

The band's next Radio 1 appearance, on Feb. 9, 1983, showed a more polished band ready to conquer the world. Although 'The Crossing' wouldn't be released for several months, "Fields of Fire" was out as a single and racing up the charts. Oddly, the band didn't perform the song that day, but all four songs they played were from the debut album. They did "Close Action" again, as well as deep tracks "Inwards", "1000 Stars" and "Porrohman" (spelled "Porroh Man" on this disc). You can't get me to believe this collection isn't worth two bucks. The first two songs below are from the first session, and the second two are from the second session. Enjoy.

Big Country - Heart and Soul (mp3)
Big Country - Angle Park (mp3)
Big Country - Inwards (mp3)
Big Country - Close Action (mp3)

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