Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Live Tom Waits Tops New Releases

I don't think Tom Waits has released a live performance since the soundtrack to his concert film 'Big Time' hit the shelves more than 20 years ago. So, this week's release of 'Glitter and Doom Live' -- recorded on tour last year -- is especially exciting. One of the most intriguing ideas ever recorded is the nearly 36 minutes of spliced together stage banter called "Tom's Tales" that comes as a bonus disc. This makes the first disc of all music much easier to digest. Mostly because of the decade I grew up in, his '80s music (especially 'Swordfishtrombones' and 'Rain Dogs') is my favorite material. I'm sure that makes some fans cringe, but it made me so happy to hear this one first released in 1985. Buy it now.

Tom Waits - Singapore (mp3)

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