Saturday, April 13, 2013

Feeling 'Squeezed' Out of a Favorite

Sometimes it's better to be oblivious. I just read that one of my favorite tunes from Glenn Tilbrook's solo catalog is a not-so-subtle jab at longtime partner Chris Difford. I imagine you already knew that about "Neptune," a very catchy piece of pop from his 2004 album, 'Transatlantic Ping Pong,' but I had no idea. This piece of news will forever change the way I listen to the song. Here are Tilbrook's words... allegedly about his Squeeze collaborator:

With several years worth of air to clear
You tried it alone now the big idea
Is to see if we're in a similar dimension
You always talked a terrific game
But the results turned out just the same
So what's different now to get my attention?

Oh! here you come here you come now
Oh! where are you coming from now?
Uranus and I'm here in Neptune

Your folksy noodling has petered out
It didn't raise pulses or your bank account
An insomniac's dream it's best not to mention
You thanked me for turning out the light
Well thanks to you maybe you were right
So what's turned you around for this resurrection?

Oh! here you come here you come now
Oh! where are you coming from now?
Uranus and I'm here in Neptune

I got so tired of wondering
I couldn't distinguish the truth
And then I'd find myself wondering about you

Today I'm finding the "Uranus" joke a lot more infantile than I did yesterday. Although I didn't like 'Transatlantic Ping Pong' as much as his first solo album, 'The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook,' I still think it's a worthy buy for "Hostage" and "Untouchable," even if I'm going to have to skip the third song from now on. Difford rules!

Glenn Tilbrook - Neptune (mp3)


Echorich said...

Boys will be boys...I remembering thinkin how much I liked Tears For Fear's Elemental album - even though it was so obvious that every single track was a full on attack on Curt Smith by Roland Orzabal. Emotions can make for good music and maybe these songs do a better job than months in a psychoanalyst's office.
Funny in the end they both returned to each other to celebrate their work together.

Brian said...

That's so true, Echorich. At least it wasn't a Lennon/McCartney situation.