Thursday, June 9, 2011

Create Your Own Kaiser Chiefs Album

With the release of Kaiser Chiefs' new album, 'The Future Is Medieval,' the band has come up with a novel DIY approach to curing the music industry's ills: First, fans create their own personal versions of the record online and, second, fans sell their takes to other fans and make a little money for both them and the band. Here's how it works:

1. Go to the band's Web site.
2. Select any 10 songs from the 20 new ones available. You can hear one-minute samples of each tune.
3. Choose your artwork.
4. Once you download your album (for $12.24), your version is assigned a unique Web page that you can promote to friends and followers. For every person that purchases your version, you get paid about $1.63.

If you like Kaiser Chiefs and want a good ol' fashioned CD or standard download, you can buy that too, but you'll have to wait until July. In the meantime, let's see how this little experiment pans out. Do I predict a riot? No, I don't believe this is the answer to an industry in disarray, but I do respect the attempt. Now, if I only liked anything by the lads since their debut album. Here's a new song to sample.

Kaiser Chiefs - Little Shocks (mp3)

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