Tuesday, April 13, 2010

'A Coming Of Age' for Lucky Soul

I'm a real sucker for bands influenced by '60s girl groups, and I always have been. Heck, I even confessed a love for Tracey Ullman's moment as a pop star when I was just a tyke. I have written ad nauseum about the Pipettes and others, but one band I have neglected that fits nicely in this genre is Lucky Soul. I really dug their debut, 2007's 'The Great Unwanted,' but they kind of fell out of my consciousness as I waited for a followup.

Well, the time has finally come. 'A Coming Of Age' will be out on April 27, but it appears to be import only for those of us in America. I have not heard the entire album, but the handful of songs I have acquired sound fantastic. It seems slightly less throwback and a little more contemporary pop, but Ali Howard's voice still sounds incredible. For those of you who missed Lucky Soul the first time around, I'll include my favorite song from their debut along with a new one. Check out two brand-new videos, too.

Lucky Soul - Get Outta Town! (mp3) from The Great Unwanted
Lucky Soul - A Coming Of Age (mp3) from A Coming Of Age

Lucky Soul - Woah Billy! from Ruffa Lane on Vimeo.

LUCKY SOUL - WHITE RUSSIAN DOLL from Ruffa Lane on Vimeo.

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