Sunday, April 18, 2010

Be Sure To Download New Blur

This past Saturday, to celebrate Record Store Day, you no doubt read that Blur assembled an extremely limited run of a brand-new 7" single to be had at UK record stores. The 1,000 copies of "Fool's Day," of course, sold out in a blink of an eye. Just for kicks, I checked out ebay a few minutes ago. I see at least nine copies of the 45. Looks like you will pay anywhere from $68 to $231 for the song. Ouch. Well, never fear. It's not nearly as cool as owning this rare piece of vinyl, but Blur has decided to give away the song as a download on its Web site. I suggest you go there right now since the band could take it down at any given moment. To put the tune into historical perspective, this is the first time the four lads have recorded together since "Battery In Your Leg" from 'Think Tank' back in 2003. There are no plans for another reunion either. Go get it. They sound great.

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