Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Triumphant Return of Matinée Recordings

The Santa Barbara-based indie-pop label didn't go anywhere, actually, but after a relatively quiet year and some time off to rebuild the Web site, Jimmy has relaunced Matinée's online shop with a bevy of brand-new downloadable singles from its stable of stars. For you longtime fans of Matinée, two of the bands will be familiar, but we haven't heard from them in so long you will no doubt get goosebumps from the moment you press play.

Our favorite Danes, Northern Portrait, are back in our good graces with "At Attention," and it's like no time has passed at all. (Has it really been seven years since the "Pretty Decent Swimmers" 10" and 'Ta!' compilation? Sheesh.) This lovely bit of jangle is the walk-up single to the full-length long player 'The Swiss Army.' Expect that one in your hot little hands early next year. Can't wait.

Laz has kept us busy recording as Bubblegum Lemonade, but it's shocking to read it has been five long years since his band with Sandra, Strawberry Whiplash, has had something in the new-release rack. The Scottish duo have promised a new album in 2021, and bouncy single "Press 4 for Love" indicates they aren't planning to fuck with their seasoned fuzz-pop formula. Good news for us. Make sure to take time out for 'Hits in the Car' outtake "A Rainy Day In Glasgow" too. Only an album that good could have kept this gem off the tracklist.

The next two bands are relatively new to Matinée but seem like a perfect fit. You may remember the Royal Landscaping Society and their terrific tune "Clean" earning a spot on my Festive 50 last year. Expect the Spanish duo to make a return engagment this year with the beautiful synth-heavy "Frost." As an added bonus, the virtual flip side is a cover by the beloved They Go BOOM! Can't go wrong with this one. Word is the 17-track album 'Means of Production' is on the way.

One last single for you. Swedish indie-pop duo My Darling YOU! had a bunch of EPs and singles on the Luxury label (mostly) in the first decade of this century, but many missed their often shambolic bursts first time around. Matinée is trying to rectify that with the 20-track compilation 'A Dream Come True,' due out next month. The manic keyboards of "We Break Up On Friday" is sure to whet your appetite for more of their "shouty pop." Great to have you back, Matinée. Now start hitting that download button, indie-pop fans.


The Swede said...

As is so often the case when checking out new releases on your pages Brian, if you'd played this batch to me without the accompanying info I would have struggled to definitively pin a decade on any of them. They are truly timeless - and what a fine selection. The My Darling YOU! track particularly caught my ear, but pick of the bunch for me is the epic Royal Landscaping Society tune - terrific stuff.

drew said...

Evening Brian, I think you may find this interesting

Brian said...

Hot off the press. Thanks, Drew. Watching now.

Swede, You may be able to find My Darling You's singles in shops...if they are really on the ball. I saw a few recently, but I decided to wait for the collection. Shouldn't be too long. I really dig this one by Royal Landscaping Society too.