Friday, November 13, 2020

More 'Strange Fruit' at the Produce Stand

Our trip through Snoqualmie Pass on Wednesday meant a stop in Thorp, Wa., population 246 and home to Thorp Fruit & Antique Mall, the weirdest place I have ever shopped for records. Some of you long-time readers may remember my first stop there a few years ago. Here's a refresher. This time through wasn't quite as rewarding, but there ended up being another one on Strange Fruit I nabbed, along with a couple of other decent finds. I would have been filled with more glee had I found the 12" of "Please Don't Play 'A Rainy Night in Georgia'" by Twa Toots (selling on Discogs right now for between $200 and $249), but an $8 copy of the band's session for John Peel was a big smile too. It had been on the shopping list for years.
These two titles above, also picked up in Thorp and which you no doubt recognize, are replacing inferior copies I have of two LPs on one CD reissues. Those never sit well with me... especially the art. I took these up to the counter, along with a box of honeycrisp apples, and called it a day. If you ever find yourself driving through Thorp, make your way to stall three on the second floor of Thorp Fruit for a surprisngly good selection of used vinyl. A real head scratcher, I know, but better to just go with it.
Here are a couple from Twa Toots ripped from my latest find.

Yo-Yo (Peel Session)
Please Don't Play 'A Rainy Night in Georgia' (Peel Session)

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Charity Chic said...

Great finds Brian
Especially Twa Toots. One I've also been looking out for for years