Tuesday, August 20, 2019

'Lost' LP From Jazzateers to Go Vinyl

It's been rumored for what feels like forever. The Creeping Bent Organisation even went so far as to assign it a number (Bent 078) in the middle of the last decade. Then chatter really picked up again last summer. Finally, Douglas MacIntyre of Creeping Bent confirms 'Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey,' the Jazzateers album shelved more than three decades ago and released only as part of CD comp 'I Shot the President' on Marina Records in 1997, "will finally see light later this year... as a deluxe LP package." To the best of my knowledge, "Pressing On" was the only song from that "lost" album that ever saw the light of day on vinyl when it was released as a 12" single in 1986. Well, that is until Marina released "Here Comes That Feeling" as a 7" taster to 'I Shot the President' more than a decade later. I'll pass on details of the release date and what deluxe means in this case as soon as I hear. Exciting isn't the word. I'm absolutely busting.

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