Sunday, August 4, 2019

Another Sarah 7" From the Wake

For this second of back-to-back posts on the Wake, I was all set to do a compare and contrast between the Factory and Sarah eras. After a look back on these pages, it seems I have already had numerous listens from the Glasgow band's days on the Manchester label. Instead, since we did the debut single on Sarah last time, let's focus on the followup and final 7" from their days on the Bristol label.

Between the 'Make It Loud' (Sarah 602, 1990) and 'Tidal Wave Of Hype' (Sarah 618, 1994) albums came the "Major John" 7" (SARAH 48, 1991). By now, it seems the Wake's time on their new label had rubbed off on them. This sounds like a Sarah single. It would also be the last appearance of drummer Steven Allen. He had been with the band since it formed in 1981. Most of the band's time on Sarah had really been a hybrid of the Wake and the Orchids, with fellow Glaswegians James Moody and Matthew Drummond often filling in as guest musicians. Caesar would return the favor a while later when Moody eventually left the Orchids and he filled in on stage. Caesar and Carolyn would continue and keep the ship afloat a while longer.

Bottom line: Both of the Wake's Sarah singles should have gone places. Unfortunately, when Sarah shuttered, so did the Wake.

Major John
Lousy Pop Group

One more from the Wake in this era coming up. I promise that will be it... for a while, anyway.

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