Monday, April 2, 2018


Ah, the Monday after a holiday weekend. After a few days of ignoring the papers, I woke up today to news stories chock full of politics as usual. I need to listen to something to break through the malaise. Here's one from the 2010 debut album by the Westfield Mining Disaster. This is where I would explain I was a big fan of the Haywains back in the day, and I rejoiced when about a decade after their demise Paul Towler started up this jangly outfit with more than just a touch of left-leaning country and soul. All of that is true, but the Westfield Mining Disaster has since disbanded and the Haywains have since reunited. There has been more rejoicing as the new stuff by the Haywains is really good. We'll get to some of that soon when I get to the next letter in my vinyl-ripping series. In the meantime, here's something to get us off our bottoms and into the streets. This album, 'Big Ideas From Small Places', came out on Cider City Records, a label co-run by Jeremy Hunt of the Haywains. Highly recommended.

Greedy Bastards, Save Your Souls!

Towler and Co. had a wry sense of humor too. I recalled an interview the Westfield Mining Disaster did with a BBC affiliate several years ago, and I just dug it up. Here's a snippet:

What is your most memorable gig so far?
Wembley. OK, so that's the Dog & Duck in Wembley, but it still counts doesn't it?

Where would you most like to play?
We hear there's a new place just up the road from the Dog & Duck in Wembley.


Howard said...

Great post! Never knew The Haywains connection. Love the TWMD LP and the song titles, especially "The Arsonist Who Lost His Spark".

Rol said...

Excellent stuff, Brian. Not heard of either band, but on the strength of that they've both gone on my list. Very Housemartinsy.

Brian said...

Howard, good of you to stop by. This song is the closest to the sound of the Haywains. Surprisingly, I really took to the twangier ones.

Rol, The Haywains were closer to the Housemartins to your ears, but the lyrics of the Westfield Mining Disaster were much closer to the politics of the Housemartins. I know you are a big fan of Paul Heaton, and I think Paul Towler would also be to your liking. Man, do I love the Housemartins.

JC said...

This is very very good indeed.......