Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy (Mitch) Easter!

For the seventh consecutive Easter, we celebrate all things Mitch. Most of today's picks feature him as producer, but Mitch played on most of these songs too. Of course, Easter wouldn't be Easter without one from his old band Let's Active as well. I like to dig up something new from Easter for my record collection each year, and this time around it's Big Troubles. I bought 'Romantic Comedy' a year ago without ever hearing a note but with complete faith in a band signed by Slumberland. I was not disappointed. I hope Mr. Bunny left you a little something in your basket. If not, enjoy these sweet pieces of indie pop.

Game Theory - Waltz the Halls Always ('Real Nighttime' LP, 1985)
Let's Active - In Little Ways ('Big Plans for Everybody' LP, 1986)
Cowboy and Spin Girl - Set the World on Fire (self-titled LP, 1988)
The Someloves - Melt ('Something or Other' LP, 1989)
Big Troubles - She Smiles for Pictures ('Romantic Comedy' LP, 2011)

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