Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Irish Trio Produces Very 'Goodly' EP

Here's a reason to think the youth of today are getting a proper education after all. There's a trio out of Dublin that must have been listening to the right predecessors because Goodly Thousands' sound bears a striking resemblance to twee elders like the Hit Parade and the jangle giants of 'Boxed'-era Hurrah! In fact, Colm Dawson, the front man and principal songwriter, even sounds like our hero Julian Henry, especially on "Walking Home," one of four new songs (and my personal favorite) from the "Sunshine Hair" EP.

I'm spending too much time making these lads sound derivative. You can't clone heart. Well, I suppose it's literally possible now, but you get the point. If you want a new Hit Parade record, go get yourself the excellent 'Cornish Pop Songs,' but make sure Goodly Thousands is on your shopping list too. "Sunshine Hair" is the followup to the "Honest"/"I Wish" 7" that came out two years ago. I have to admit I missed this auspicious debut, and as you will hear below, it was my loss. Thankfully, I was able to rectify that situation with an online order a few moments ago. Now, don't you miss out on one of the 300 vinyl copies of "Sunshine Hair." Preorder from Shelflife Records for a March 24 release.

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