Tuesday, May 21, 2013

12 Inches of Love: 'So Excited'

Is this a blatant attempt at page views? Whenever I post anything from the English Beat family tree, the number of visitors to this blog triples. I'm the first to admit I have pruned almost every branch from 'Radical Departure,' Ranking Roger's debut solo album from 1988... almost. Here are four versions from the "So Excited" 12". I love this song. If you think it sounds like something from General Public, there's a good reason for it. The song was co-written by his old bandmate, Dave Wakeling. Better put on your dancing shoes, especially for the "Come Into My House" Mix. Whenever I hear this take, way in the back somewhere, I'm reminded of New Order's "Fine Time." Perhaps it was the sound of the era. Anyway, that's it. I have nothing left from Ranking Roger's solo career. Perhaps you can live with that.

Mrs. Linear Tracking Lives! is out of town tomorrow. Do you know what that means? Check back soon. I already have the USB turntable out for Ranking Roger. Are you "Green" with envy?

Ranking Roger - So Excited ("Come Into My House" Mix) (mp3)
Ranking Roger - So Excited (Full Vocal Version) (mp3)
Ranking Roger - So Excited (House-Appella) (mp3)
Ranking Roger - So Excited (Alternative Mix) (mp3)

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