Wednesday, May 8, 2013

12 Inches of Love: 'Let Them All Talk'

Most fans of Elvis Costello don't think much of 'Punch the Clock,' but I have a soft spot for the 1983 album because it was the first record from his already impressive discography that I bought as a new release. I was 13 at the time, and I had discovered his work through a cassette of 'Armed Forces' I had bought a few months earlier... after seeing the video for "Oliver's Army" on TBS' "Night Tracks." That program meant the world to me at the time because MTV wouldn't make it to my hometown until later in the year. I digress. Let's get to today's song.

I don't believe the extended remix of "Let Them All Talk" has appeared on any of the many Costello reissues of 'Punch the Clock.' I have no knowledge of this, but I'm guessing the reason is the artist hates it. Some extended versions work. Some don't. I think this one is a perfect example of '80s bloat. I pulled it out today more as a curiosity (since there is is a good chance you haven't heard it) than to prove the record is some fantastic take that must be acquired. The production team of Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley had the magic touch during this time period, even somehow making the very British bands Madness and Dexys Midnight Runners household names here in America, but they didn't have their finest with this one. I like the album version a lot, and I think it's probably the TKO Horns best performance. You can buy it here.

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Let Them All Talk (Extended 12" Remix) (mp3)


Unknown said...

"Extended Sleeve"? Does it, like, fold over or something?

Anyway, I'm the rare Costello fan who thinks Punch The Clock is wonderful, so thanks for this.

Brian said...

Hey Unknown. It may say extended sleeve, but there is nothing fancy about the physical copy I have. As with most of Costello's F Beat singles, it's the ultra-thin paper sleeve... no fold out.

Have you heard any of the live shows Costello did with the TKO Horns and Afrodiziak in '83? If you're a 'Punch the Clock' fan, you will love some of the arrangements of his older work with brass. I have posted some songs over the years. I'll try to do it again soon.