Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pay Attention to the Pastels Again

I'm a big fan of Scottish C-86 legends the Pastels, but I must admit I have lost track of the band's output for the last decade or more. (Although it was cool to be buy an album from the band's frontman at his record shop in Glasgow last year.) With the infrequent releases and lengthy hiatuses, that was a pretty easy thing to do. At the end of 2012, Domino Records announced a new album from Stephen & Co., along with a little audio trailer of the songs, but it was difficult to judge whether the impending record was going to be a keeper. As the release date for 'Slow Summits' approaches, we finally have a full song for streaming, and I think it sounds fantastic. "Check My Heart," along with non-album B-side "Illumination Song," will be available as a 7" on April 29. The full album hits store shelves on May 27. The following song proves the indie-pop pioneers still have a jangle in their steps. I'm really loving this one. It's like time is standing still.

And here is that very brief album trailer from last year:

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