Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Mainstream Side of the Monochrome Set

When you think of the Monochrome Set, 'The Lost Weekend' is probably not the album that comes to mind. Perhaps it should at least be in the conversation.

By the fourth album, guitarist Lester Square was long gone and, although Bid's trademark wit was still around, a more slickly produced brand of pop had emerged. Yes, the Monochrome Set's '85 album had roots in a much older aesthetic, but it still sounded very '85. As a 15 year old it was (and still is) music to my ears. It undoubtedly turned off veteran fans, but the album should have been commercial enough to garner hordes of new listeners. Unfortunately, poor decisions and bad timing on the label side fated 'The Lost Weekend' to flop status. We wouldn't hear from the Monochrome Set again for many years.

There were two singles from 'The Lost Weekend.' The first, "Jacob's Ladder," got some attention on radio and from the press. This was when the world was tuned in to MTV. Unfortunately, the label didn't decide to make a music video for the song until after it seemed like it was on its way to being a hit. By the time it finally got to our televisions, the momentum was already lost. The video has a cult following and still gets played on VH1 Classic from time to time.

Here is the second single. You can still buy 'The Lost Weekend,' complete with a fantastic 12" version of "Wallflower" as a bonus track. I hope you like it. As I mentioned last week, the Monochrome Set will be playing on American soil this summer. Check the band's official site for all of the dates and the latest personnel changes. Square is back in the band!

The Monochrome Set - Wallflower (mp3)

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Echorich said...

Is there actually a bad Monochrome Set album? I'm of the belief that there certainly IS NOT! My own selfishness has always made me happy that TMS is sort of my little secret. I don't thing I know 4 other people who know The Monochrome Set and that has always made them that much more special for me.