Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another New Song From OMD

I'm about to jump out of my skin. My personal countdown to seeing OMD sits at 18 days, and 'English Electric,' the band's new album, will be released just three days later. I don't know about you, but I think each sneak listen has served its purpose well. I really liked the last album, 'History of Modern,' but I'm more impressed with the mix of experimentation and old-school sounds we've heard so far on the new one. The latest is 'Night Café.' It's less 'Dazzle Ships' and more 'Junk Culture' than the other previews, but I'm really digging it. I thought I would go ahead and group everything OMD has released from 'English Electric' to enjoy until the album is out on April 9. Take it all in below. There are two 'Metroland' entries because one is taken from the 12" single.

'English Electric' Tracklist
1. Please Remain Seated
2. Metroland
3. Night Café
4. The Future Will Be Silent
5. Helen of Troy
6. Our System
7. Kissing the Machine
8. Decimal
9. Stay With Me
10. Dresden
11. Atomic Ranch
12. Final Song


Echorich said...

OMD has left a perpetual smile on my face since they sneaked out Decimal...Night Cafe is just wonderful!

Brian said...

Me too, Echorich. Hope it works out for you to see them in your neck of the woods later this year.

Echorich said...

July 13th! a long weekend in our nation's capital with OMD as the centepiece!
If only John Foxx + The Maths were my opener!!

Uncle E said...

I haven't been this excited for an OMD release since the mid '80's! Like what I'm hearing so far. Very...well...Krafterkian...?