Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jangle Pop Dreams

You can have your little sweatfest in the California desert. Go ahead, pitch a tent in Tennessee. Even Austin's soiree is second fiddle. I would take NYC Popfest over Coachella, Bonnaroo or SXSW every time. I could simply end the debate with a "c'mon, it's New York," but I don't need to play that card. It's all about the bands. New York is often thought of as the center of the universe and, at least for four days a year, it really is the jangle capital of the world. If I could curate a festival, this would be it.

In the past six years, NYC Popfest's participants have included the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, the Drums, Tender Trap, Allo Darlin', Sea Lions, the Pooh Sticks, Cats on Fire, Veronica Falls, the Orchids, the Hermit Crabs, BMX Bandits and Mitch Easter, to name but a few. This is quite an impressive list, but I have never been as tempted to make the 3,000-mile trek from Seattle as I am this year. Here is the complete lineup in all of its glory, and I'm dropping not-so-subtle hints to Mrs. Linear Tracking Lives! that I need some of her frequent flyer miles because of these five rare appearances:

May 30: The School
May 31: The Monochrome Set
June 1: The Bats
June 2: The Wolfhounds, Close Lobsters

How can I not go? It's Close Lobsters on American soil for the first time in a quarter century! This will not be just a trip down memory lane either, as the School's No. 2 appearance on my 2012 best albums list will prove, and that's without even mentioning the likes of the Very Most and Math and Physics Club. All I'm saying is this impending adventure is something to smile about.

Close Lobsters - What Is There to Smile About (mp3)

Oh, and if you're an American fan of the School and can't go to NYC, keep an eye out for a handful of extra show dates. The band promises to be over here for two weeks. I'll pass along that info as soon as I see it.

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Echorich said...

Crap! The Monochrome Set! Hmmm...can I take MORE time off???