Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Music From Chris Stamey and Veronica Falls

I have already gone on the record that I was a bit disappointed with the dB's comeback album from earlier this year, 'Falling From the Sky.' Part of the problem was the very lengthy buildup between the reunion announcement and the actual release. By the time the album came out, in my mind, this was going to be at least as good as 'Stand For Decibels.' So, of course, it didn't meet expectations. Plus, I fell hard for the band's 7" single, "Picture Sleeve," that came out on Record Store Day in 2011. Unfortunately, there weren't any songs on 'Falling From the Sky' that matched that tune.

I was pleasantly surprised to read the other day that Chris Stamey has already announced his next solo album. 'Lovesick Blues' will be out Feb. 5 on Yep Roc, and you can hear a new song from it, "Astronomy," as well as four other Stamey compositions via the Noise Trade widget below. Perhaps I'm bring too harsh on 'Falling From the Sky,' but I'm hopeful Stamey's solo album will exceed the dB's 2012 effort.

I was just checking out where "Picture Sleeve" landed on my favorite songs of 2011, and I noticed this next band had the single right in front of the dB's on my list. Just a week after Stamey's new album comes out, Veronica Falls will release its second album, via Slumberland. The first song from 'Waiting For Something To Happen' can be streamed below. "Teenage" sounds brighter and bouncier than just about anything on the band's debut album. I love that record, and it's not just because I bought it in Glasgow from the legendary Stephen Pastel himself at his shop. Of course, it doesn't hurt, either.

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