Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Making a List, Checking It Twice

OK, Santa, I'm gonna make this really easy. This is what I want to find under the tree Christmas morning. Don't worry. I have already spoken to Mrs. LTL!. No carrots this time. Cookies and milk all the way this year.

1. Josef K: 'Sorry For Laughing'
You're going to love this one, Mr. Claus. The album that should have been Postcard 81-1 finally gets released on vinyl. Sure, Alan Horne and the band shelved it for being too polished but, Santa, aren't you the least bit curious about the remastered sound and original artwork by Robert Sharpe? Oh, and the record includes a bonus CD of the TV Art Demos from 1979. So, you would be giving me two gifts with this one. Let me guess. You don't think I deserve this one because I have 'Entomology,' and that CD has half of this album on it. That's naughty... not one bit nice. Give the title track a listen here. Perhaps it will sway you. This version of the song is not on that compilation.

2. Brighter: 'Out to Sea'
One of my favorite finds from 2012 was the long out-of-print collection of singles the trio did for Sarah Records from 1989-1992. Even though those gems are just about impossible to find, Matinee Recordings still has a 20-track CD of rarities among the label's impressive catalog. Gotta have it, Kringle. Here's a song from 'Out to Sea' you can listen to while you're steering the sleigh.
Out to Sea - There Is Nothing We Can Do? (mp3)

3. The Servants: 'Youth Club Disco'
So, Santa, are you into C86? Of course you are. Then you know how hard it is to get a hold of music from these lads. Their first record, and the only one that saw the light of day when they were around, 'Disinterest,' is about as hard to find as a hot day at the North Pole. Cherry Red released a collection of singles and rarities on CD in 2006 called 'Reserved.' Thanks to the folks at Captured Tracks, you can get 'Reserved' on vinyl... only now it's called 'Youth Club Disco.' If you get this for me, I'll tape you a copy. It's bound to add a little jangle to your jingle bells. Oh, and here's a little news about the Servants I posted last month.

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