Friday, November 2, 2012

A Very Little Bit Country

While reading the Wall Street Journal last week, I came across a story about how the country charts are saturated with music that has more in common with classic rock than old-time twang. I don't consider myself a big fan of the genre, but I found the premise most unappetizing. I thought about my late father. He was raised on Hank Williams, George Jones and the like. He would not be pleased with these developments. This 60-second response to
'Jed Zeppelin': They're Country, But Raised on Rock 'n' Roll is
for him:

It's too bad a genre so rich in history and tradition is becoming nothing more than rock 'n' roll's Pacific Coast League. Sure, a few of these "Jed Zeppelin's" may crossover and make it to "The Show," but mimicking rock and calling it country to get there isn't really crossing over.

When Johnny Cash covered rock's elite in the 'American Recordings' series, he was praised by both rock and country audiences. Why? When he sang a U2 song, he sounded like Cash, not Bono.

When the music is good, labels like "rock" and "country" don't matter. Unfortunately, none of the minor-league prospects in this article deserve the coveted call-up.

Johnny Cash - One (mp3)


Uncle E said...

Man you are so right. I'm not a big fan of country either, but love the old Johnny Cash albums, and even enjoy a few Willie Nelson songs , but absolutely cannot abide any so-called "modern c&w". Sorry, but it's crap, and I blame John Travolta and the movie Midnight Cowboy. It's all mass produced pap, no soul whatsoever. Which is a shame, because country and western is me of the true American music genres that is quintessentially American. Mullets and snakeskin boots, got no time for it.

George said...

yes, it's not good. If you check out Any Major Dude's blog and his outstanding series on country by the time you get the 80's it really is pick and choose instead of listening to the whole lot and enjoying. And re. Felt, I think you're right, sometimes excellent, and sometimes and sometimes badly mixed/produced