Monday, May 21, 2012

The Elvis Brothers Have Entered the Building

If my USB turntable continues to work, I'll stick with the early '80s power pop for a couple of more days. I have a soft spot for the Elvis Brothers because they come from the cow pastures of Illinois, the same as myself. The real reason to like them, however, is they released three very solid albums that have held up quite nicely. I highly recommend them all, but the trio's debut,
'Movin' Up,' is probably my favorite. Here are a couple of fun tracks from side one. Let's take the way-back machine to 1983... a time when the fellas were on a major label, were recording at the legendary Power Station in New York, were being produced by the same guy that handled the debut records of Ramones and Talking Heads and were opening for the likes of Big Country, Billy Idol, INXS and Cheap Trick. Glory days, indeed!

The Elvis Brothers - Hidden in A Heartbeat (mp3)
The Elvis Brothers - It's So Hard (mp3)

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