Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Couple From Close Lobsters and a Thank You

I had been dreaming of Close Lobsters' April 27 reunion in Glasgow ever since I mentioned it in January. Of course, I knew I couldn't go. I'm pretty sure I used my dream-trip privileges for several years to come when I saw Big Country at Barrowlands in February. The next best thing would be if I could live vicariously through my Scottish pal, the Vinyl Vinyl. Would he be going? I emailed him the day of the show with the hope he would be covering it for his Year in the Life of Gigs series. I was legitimately excited when he replied he was on his way to see them. Atta boy!

About the time I assumed the band would be hitting the stage, I pulled 'Foxheads Stalk This Land' off the shelf and sang along like when I was a lad. A couple of days later, Mr. Vinyl Villain, indeed, posted his thoughts on the show, and I really felt like he took me there. I wrote a "thank you" comment after the review, but now I need to thank him again. A Close Lobsters T-shirt from the show arrived in the post today. Now I really feel like I was there. Thanks, pal.

Let's listen to some Close Lobsters. I'll assume you have already picked up 'Forever, Until Victory,' the fantastic singles collection released by Fire in 2009. Here are a few songs that aren't on the compilation.

Close Lobsters - Violently Pretty Face (mp3)
(from 'What Is There to Smile About?' EP)

Close Lobsters - I Kiss the Flowers in Bloom (mp3)
(from 'Foxheads Stalk This Land')

Close Lobsters - My Days Are Numbered (mp3)
(from 'Headache Rhetoric')

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