Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Listen From Upcoming Feelies LP

I apologize in advance for talking to death about the anticipated new release from the Feelies but, hey, it's been 20 years since this last occurred. So, bear with me. New details are out this week including, it seems, a change on the calendar. 'Here Before' was scheduled for a March 29 release, but the Feelies Facebook page now says April 12. The band's label, Bar/None Records, tells us we will be able to preorder the CD or vinyl with download card from them soon. The more exciting news of the day is Pitchfork got a hold of track two from the album. You can download it below. When listening, you will know doubt say to yourself, "yep, that's the Feelies." It doesn't sound like a moment has passed since
'Time For A Witness' back in 1991. I'm really looking forward to this one.
'Here Before' Tracklist
1. Nobody Knows
2. Should Be Gone (mp3)
3. Again Today
4. When You Know
5. Later On
6. Way Down
7. Morning Comes
8. Change Your Mind
9. Here Before
10. Time Is Right
11. Bluer Skies
12. On And On
13. So Far

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