Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Marr Ready to Spill the Beans on Smiths?

While looking for quotes from Johnny Marr on the Smiths' 'Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals, I came across an interesting set of posts from his Twitter account:

"I have been offered a book deal, a serious one. I'd get into it and that would mean less time on songs. It will happen though."

"It will be an autobiography of course, that or about my collection of fascinating public bus tickets from the '80's. That would be cool."

Last I heard, Marr was still playing with the Cribs, but it sounds like he may be taking a break from that and any other band he thought about joining in the near future. It would be great to get Marr's perspective on his years with the Smiths. So far, no member of the band -- not even Morrissey -- has penned an autobiography. It could be a real page turner.

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