Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Updates on the Strokes and Feelies

A little more than a week after the date was set for the new Strokes album, David Fricke at Rolling Stone is able to start filling us in with a few more details. There are some great quotes from the band, and you should take a few moments to check it out. The band's fourth album is called 'Angles,' and the first single will be "Undercover of Darkness." Albert Hammond, Jr., adds that although they will be touring, "we want to come back strong but slowly, so we can grow live and also make new music. We want to release albums quicker." Good news, indeed. Speaking of live shows, we also learned today the Strokes will be playing Coachella this year. Check out the details here.

The Strokes - Trying Your Luck (live) (mp3)

As I mentioned back in November, the Feelies were working on their first new album since 1991. The vitals are in. 'Here Before' sees the light of day, thanks to the excellent Bar/None Records, on March 29. The band's PR folks add:

"...the new album touches on different styles from the Feelies' long history while adding new grooves and musical ideas to the mix. Electric and acoustic guitars melt together in archetypal Feelies fashion on songs like "Nobody Knows" and "Should be Gone." Elsewhere there are slabs of driving garage rock like "When You Know" and "Time Is Right" and the down-tempo "Bluer Skies," and harmonically rich "Later On." Here Before was recorded at Water Music in Hoboken, New Jersey, produced by Feelies founders Glenn Mercer and Bill Million. Besides Glenn on rhythm/lead guitar and lead vocals, and Bill on guitar and vocals, the album features Feelies mainstays Brenda Sauter (bass, vocals), Stanley Demeski (drums), and Dave Weckerman (percussion)."

'Here Before' Tracklist:
1. Nobody Knows
2. Should Be Gone
3. Again Today
4. When You Know
5. Later On
6. Way Down
7. Morning Comes
8. Change Your Mind
9. Here Before
10. Time Is Right
11. Bluer Skies
12. On And On
13. So Far

The Feelies - Egyptian Reggae (mp3)

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