Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Long Lost Great Buildings LP Found

Many years before Danny Wilde and Phil Solem of the Rembrandts were doing hand claps on the theme song to the TV show 'Friends' they were in the short-lived but fantastic L.A.-based power-pop band Great Buildings. In 1981, Great Buildings released its only album -- 'Apart From The Crowd' -- to rave reviews but few sales for Columbia. The group disbanded shortly thereafter, and that seemed to close the book on them.

Now, nearly 30 years later, we learn Great Buildings had already recorded a followup to 'Apart From The Crowd' before they broke up. Wounded Bird Records, perhaps second only to Rhino in the reissuing game, has unearthed 'Extra Epic Everything' and will release it next Tuesday. I have never heard any songs from this record, but I can certainly vouch for the band's debut. As the decades pass, the stature of 'Apart From The Crowd' continues to grow with power-pop aficionados. You can pick that one up from Wounded Bird, too. Here's a little taste of that classic. As for the Rembrandts, thankfully, I was living in Japan when "I'll Be There For You" was racing up the charts. So, my feelings for Wilde & Solem aren't tainted.

Great Buildings - Hold On To Something (mp3)
Great Buildings - Heartbreak (mp3)

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