Friday, January 8, 2010

'Costello Show Series' Continues

Back in September I wrote about the exciting news Hip-O would be releasing several live Elvis Costello albums -- some of them famous bootlegs -- under the moniker "The Costello Show Series". The first one was the excellent 'Live at the El Macambo'. That show was taken from between the 'My Aim Was True' and 'This Year's Model' albums and featured a very early listen to his new band, The Attractions. The second in the series is set for release on Tuesday. This time we hear Elvis Costello & The Attractions between the 'This Year's Model' and 'Armed Forces' albums. 'Live From Hollywood High' was a sold-out show recorded in June of '78. I don't know about you, but Costello never came to my high school.

I have never owned this popular bootleg. The first time I ever heard any part of the show was when three songs were included as bonus tracks on the 1993 Ryko reissue of 'Armed Forces'. It was a perfect fit for the album since the show was made into an EP that was included with the initial Radar release of 'Armed Forces' back in 1979. Since it was just an EP, it is obvious most of the 20-song album has never been officially released. This is a must purchase for Costello fans that don't have the boot. Here is the tracklist and two of the three Hollywood High songs from my 'Armed Forces' reissue. See you at the record store on Tuesday.

1. Accidents Will Happen (mp3)
2. Mystery Dance
3. Lip Service
4. Living In Paradise
5. Goon Squad
6. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
7. Party Girl
8. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
9. This Year's Girl
10. No Action
11. Stranger In The House
12. The Beat
13. Alison
14. Lipstick Vogue
15. Watching The Detectives (mp3)
16. You Belong To Me
17. Radio, Radio
18. Pump It Up
19. Waiting For The End Of The World
20. Miracle Man

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