Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Needed Shot in the Arm

Every once in a while a great band comes along that you just plain miss. Later, you have one of those "should have had a V8" moments as you hear their first chords and ask yourself in wonder, "wow, who's this?" This happened to me the other day as I listened to The Rifles. These London chaps have two full-length albums out, including an instant classic from this year, 'The Great Escape'.

The band owes a lot to English punks from yesteryear like The Clash and, especially, The Jam. I couldn't help but wonder if they took their name from The Jam's hit, "The Eton Rifles". I read Paul Weller performed this song on stage with them a few years ago. To bring us up to more contemporary standards, The Rifles remind me of Brit-pop favorites The Cribs. When I heard "Fall to Sorrow", I instantly thought of the first time I heard The Exploding Hearts. I'm giving these blokes the LTL! seal of approval, and I encourage you to load The Rifles.

The Rifles - The Great Escape (mp3)
The Rifles - Fall to Sorrow (mp3)

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